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The O-Zone Pro has long been a favorite among tournament and league players. Weighing in at 375g, the new O-Zone Pro is 10 grams (.4oz) lighter than last year’s model but it is still designed as a control paddle for players with a high swing speed. The mid core density provides an excellent balance between power and control while the smaller headsize offers enhanced all-around maneuverability. A standout feature on all O-Zone models is the longer handle which provides a better grip on the two-handed backhand. 

Our new 2020 "Gradient" paddles featuring a striking new look. Vibrant gradients and a bold, modern color palette lead the way for the upcoming season. All paddles are hand painted, giving each one its own unique look.

Used by Hall of Famer Brian Uihlein throughout his career and currently used by Alex Bancila, Scott Falatek, Liz Jaffe, Vlatko Najdek, Amy Shay, and Casey Watt.  

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Weight OZ/Grams 13.2/375 Power Rating 8.5 Core Density Mid+ Surface Feature Grit Carbon Mesh Rim Yes Silence Dampener N/A Extra Holes N/A Surface Area 82 sq in Beam 19mm Overall Length 18" Handle Length Long Balance Head Heavy Grip SuperSoft Grip Sizes 4 1/4 Triple Threat N/A
Width: 3.50
Height: 14.00
Depth: 28.00
SKU: 7V102091616*2

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