M90 LE Camouflage


For this season’s limited-edition models, we are very excited to bring you our interpretation of iconic Viking weapons blended with the bold graphics of M90 camouflage. M90 is the camo pattern for the uniform system 90 used by the Swedish Army Forces which consists of hard lined geometric shapes, aiming to create a camo pattern effective in the temperate forests and plains of Scandinavia. It is affectionately known among Swedish soldiers as lövhögen, or “the leaf pile”.  For the wide spectrum of platform tennis season weather we have made 200 units using our "black as night camo" for each of the models below. 


Available in the following models – please note new M90 LE Camo names for each established model, each named after an iconic Viking weapon.


The Axe (Pro, Lite, and Prodigy)

Re-Ignite Lite>>>becomes The Shield Lite for the M90 Limited Edition Camo

Re-Ignite Prodigy>>>becomes The Shield Prodigy for the M90 Limited Edition Camo

O-Zone Lite>>>The Sword Lite for the M90 Limited Edition Camo

OZ Lite —The Hammer Lite for the M90 Limited Edition Camo