For 2024, by upgrading to a PP Core, Viking has lightened each paddle to further improve mobility. We have also maximized the allowed grit on the surface of the paddle to increase the spin you can generate on court.

Each paddle uses our proprietary Carbon Fiber Stability System (CSF2). CSF2 softens the response at impact and allows stability and maneuverability to coexist seamlessly. Ourpaddles offer a perfect balance of power and control while providing maximum spin and touch with a carbon fiber fine grit finish.

All of our paddles have been developed by 2023 US Men's Doubles Champion Andrei Deascu' and Viking Athletics

Andrei has won gold medals in the following events while playing with the Viking Shield EG.

Men's Doubles

2023 APP NYC Open, Cincinnati Open, Newport Beach Open

Mixed Doubles

2023 Cincinnati Open and Newport Beach Open

*As of August 1st, 2023, Andrei is no longer with Viking.

Photo by Larry Cornacchia © 2023




For almost thirty years, Viking has been the biggest name and market leader in platform tennis.  During this time, we have used advanced engineering and the finest materials combined with revolutionary technologies and cutting-edge design to produce high performance platform tennis paddles, balls, and accessories, separating ourselves from the rest of the field. 
Our commitment is the same for pickleball.


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