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Re-Ignite Pro GG - A long time favorite of tournament and league players alike, the Re-Ignite Pro GG features an oversized hitting surface and mid+ core density. The Re-Ignite Pro is a great choice for heavy hitters who are looking for better control on their shots.

Used by Lea Morris.

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Weight OZ/Grams 13.2/375 Power Rating 8.5 Core Density Mid+ Surface Feature Grit Carbon Mesh Rim Yes Silence Dampener N/A Extra Holes N/A Surface Area 92 sq in Beam 19mm Overall Length 18" Handle Length Standard Balance Even Grip SuperSoft Grip Sizes 4 1/4 Triple Threat N/A
Width: 3.50
Height: 14.00
Depth: 28.00
SKU: 7V091891*2

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