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The Re-Ignite Prodigy GG (Gradient Series) is the lightest model within the Re-Ignite family, featuring the same low core density, the extra eight holes enhancement (for the maximum number of holes allowed), and Viking’s proprietary Vibration dampener. The Re-Ignite Prodigy will appeal to players with a slower swing speed who are looking for greater control and better stability from an oversize paddle.

Used by Cynthia Dardis, Paget Neave, Martina Ondrejkova, Viki Stoklasova, and Ana-Marija Zubori

Available in Blue and Orange.

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Weight OZ/Grams 12.5/355 Power Rating 6.5 Core Density Low Surface Feature Grit Carbon Mesh Rim Yes Silence Dampener Yes Extra Holes Yes Surface Area 92 sq in Beam 19mm Overall Length 18" Handle Length Standard Balance Even Grip SuperSoft Grip Sizes 4 1/4 Triple Threat N/A
Width: 3.50
Height: 14.00
Depth: 28.00
SKU: 7V107091220*2

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